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Choosing a Burial Service

For thousands of years, burial has been a traditional method of caring for the physical remains of someone loved. Historical precedence is one thing; however for you, choosing a burial service may simply be the tradition of your loved ones. When burial is selected, your loved one may be:

  • Interred in the earth in a regulated cemetery, or if local regulation permits, on private property
  • Entombed in a crypt within a mausoleum
  • Buried at sea

It’s a Deeply Personal Decision

Despite the fact that it isn’t what your family has typically done over the years, there are numerous personal reasons for choosing a burial service over cremation. These could possibly include:

  • Religious or geographical preferences
  • An aversion to the cremation exercise of using flame to reduce the remains to ash
  • You wish to create a monument in honor of the one you love
  • You wish to have a natural location where you can visit, graced with trees and open spaces

Decisions and Costs of Burial

If you believe that burial is the appropriate decision for your family, there are some vital decisions you must make. For example:

  • Would you want the body to be embalmed?
  • What type of casket and burial vault would you prefer?
  • Which cemetery would you prefer, and will they have space available?
  • What type of monument, headstone or grave marker would you like?
  • What words do you want to put on the headstone, marker, or monument?

Keep in mind that each one of these options involves related costs which can affect your final decision. A list of these costs may include:

  • Selection of the casket and protective burial vault (required by the cemetery)
  • The acquisition of a cemetery plot, in the event that your family doesn’t currently have the rights to one
  • The headstone or grave marker (and any placement fees charged by the cemetery)

You should also recognize that each cemetery is governed by their own board of directors; therefore price ranges and guidelines differ from one cemetery to the next.

We know this is a great deal to absorb – that’s why we make ourselves available to you, as well as any one of your family members, night or day. It is our responsibility to guide you in caring for your loved one. Please call us with any questions you may have at 906-475-4631.